Tournament System

Tournament System: 6 rounds MacMahon, European Tournament regulations apply

Time limit: 1 hour, Canadian byo-yomi, 20 stones / 5 minutes

Rules of scoring: European for U20, Ing rules for U12 and U16

Komi: 6½ points


Tournament Fee: Free

Three winning categories: Under 12, Under 16 and Under 20.


Special prize: 

The best player in U20 category who did not qualified for Globis Cup can choose his/her prize out of two options:
1. (S)he can decide to participate in the Silk Road Tournament in China this year and EGF will support his/her travelling expenses up to 700 EUR. That option is available for everyone who wins this prize.
2. On condition a winner of the prize is strong enough, it means (s)he has an EGF rating 2350 minimum, EGF offers to this player a wild card for EC 2018 in Pisa, together with a financial support of 500 EUR.